Drawing (66) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Revolutionary nonsense, banging its head through a wall: in the face of the crocodile tears at all the beloved 'left-wingers' such as Mahler, Rabehl, and Elsässer having strayed from the righteous left-wing path, it should be added here that none of the mentioned would themselves say that their views have taken an about turn. Maybe we can just make allowances for the fact that they’ve always been what they are? While one lot wanted to conjure up the revolution by first bombing a fascist state into existence which the people would then revolt against, (if only one knew which people it was supposed to be back then), the other lot chose the legalistic path of an election to roll over the state. A march through the institutions in a conspiratorial manner and a pressing demand to (now we finally have it) be loved by the We are the People people. A Ponzi scheme of unfounded political promises of being able to break up capitalism by way of racial nationalism whose logic must necessarily end in racist murder and robbery operations once again." (From: arsenal, january 20; where it was falsely described as Nr. 241).



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