Drawing (39) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"An outing to the lowland plains of northern Germany, 1975. Beside a cornfield close to Horneburg, we throw a brick wrenched out from a wall into a puddle of water and explain to ourselves why the clouds reflected in it move at different speeds. The far-off clouds are small and slow, the nearer ones large and speedy. And this applies both horizontally and vertically and defines a unique point of view that every photograph contains, whether it wants to or not. Silke Grossmann is wearing a heavy, light brown leather coat. Her shadow has separated itself from her and is thinking about the same things that she is. Back then, we lived next door to the Chilehaus built by wannabe-Nazi general construction inspector Fritz Höger in Hamburg and acknowledged its north German brick expressionism with stoicism. The life of painter Heinrich Vogeler was of greater interest for us, and the analysis of the photograph Assembling for a Demonstration (1928) by Alexander Rodchenko changed our lives forever." (From: arsenal, june 19).


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