Drawing (26) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"SUDDENLY: a city. Language as premonition. An exploding cushion over the roof top of a high-rise with the silhouette of a person murdered by the Manson gang in front of its façade. Above it in the sky, lying on its back, an oil-smeared bird and the function of time describing chance. Two transparent T-squares and a bracket, tools of the almighty drawing studio. Adolf Hitler's sketch of a soldier from WWI-the root of evil-with an added umbrella and a left arm stump as a wing. The lasting delivery of insensitivity, the occupation of dreams by very real dead persons, no play of instable combinations of atoms. A circularly spread-out condom from HB (Hanseatic City of Bremen) as an anonymous means of communication: "Love is a burning ring of fire." The game is over, a time that has ended too soon. A clear line that no one thinks about anymore. I know you, but you didn't know me. It slowly dawns on me what's going on with the others." (From: Cinema Scope #46, 2011).


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