Drawing (12) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A curtain over Nadur on Ghawdex, the second biggest island of the Maltese archipelago, moves between Europe and Africa. For a long time, the settlement on the mountain ridge remained alien and closed to me. The drawing dates back to a time when I was just quickly passing through and had no intention of staying. Only much later did it dawn on me that Nadur was like a milder form of Natur. Maybe this was a kind of foreboding: A foot ventures out of the shaky leg of a tracksuit bottom and sets itself on the rocky ground. A code knight. Four alchemist signs for death adorn his right trouser leg. On the crest of a table mountain is a vision of a house with a big terrace - the B-B-House of ARTEC in Burgenland. Home rhymes with origin just as little as future rhymes with the past. Two bars of almond chocolate form the basis of the surface structure of an interactive facade, which translates every imaginable code." (From: arsenal, march 13).


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