Drawing (10) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Once everything had been reconstructed, a second wave of comprehensive renovation campaigns began in West Germany at the start of the 70s. World improvement and armament via asbestos cladding, plasterboard walls and glass blocks. Here the Porch project, the door to the house as the central component of identity formation, the canopy a sword of Damocles. Concrete slabs in front of the house, into whose gaps pesticide was sprayed to prevent grass from growing. And sweet E 605 powder was sprinkled in the entrances to the anthills. Accompanied by the throwaway instructions for how to peel off the foil from a brown-black Polaroid negative film. An American trashcan floats over a hairdressers’ chair in the capacity of a universal emblem. We had picked up the latter on the street outside the Zippelhaus in Hamburg before returning it there later. Behind it, two ways of writing a “Y” on the side of a box-shaped flying robot, reminiscent of the waterbugs in NYC – huge, flying albino cockroaches. Two black plywood sheets provide the necessary privacy for shaving fat necks." (From: arsenal, march 14).


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