PERRET in France and Algeria

Perret Plakat

"This gloriously controlled study of the work of French architect Auguste Perret ... re-creates the tension between the ultrarational and the subtly exuberant in the architect's best work." (Best of 2012, ARTFORUM)

Premiere in Locarno 2012. Screenings at TIFF, VIFF, VIENNALE 2012, MoMA DF 2013:

Perret in France und Algeria

Decampment of Modernism – Part II / Photography and beyond – Part 20
Heinz Emigholz, D 2012, 110 min

The film PERRET IN FRANCE AND ALGERIA presents thirty buildings and architectural ensembles of the French architects and construction engineers Auguste and Gustave Perret. Auguste Perret (1874-1954) has masterfully refined concrete construction in the implementation of his projects and instilled in them a classical expression.

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