THE MEADOW OF THINGS (Die Wiese der Sachen)

THE MEADOW OF THINGS (Die Wiese der Sachen)

Heinz Emigholz, D 1974-87, 88 min
“To whom in love of Nature holds communion with her visible forms, she speaks of a various language.“ William Cullen Bryant

Berlinale 2016 / Panorama - Teddy Award’s 30th Anniversary: PREMIERE of the restored Theatrical Version

Every decade has its own gateway to heaven. Clonetown 1974 to 1979: a terrorist defector named Charon sits on the edge of oblivion and commentates on the imminent putrification of an abducted car dealer... More at Filmgalerie 451

THE MEADOW OF THINGS received in 1988 on the Berlinale the "Gay Teddy Bear Award" for Best Feature Film.

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